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The Professional Photographers of Southwest Ohio (PPSO) is a network of professional photographers committed to the craft of photography. The organization provides its members with fellowship, business and marketing support, and continuing education. We serve the entire SW part of Ohio including Dayton and Cincinnati and all surrounding counties and communities and we strive to elevate the standards of photography. We are the Dayton/Cincinnati and vicinity affiliate of the national organization of Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

Through monthly continuing education programs given by award winning photographers, and networking with other members we share knowledge and experience with one another and our members continue to enhance the quality of their products and services, their skills in technology, creativity and best business practices.

Whether you are a professional photographer, a student, an aspiring photographer or a local resident in need of the services a professional photographer can offer, we are a resource for you.

Rob Kumler of K&R Photographics an encyclopedia of Knowledge – Sept. 12, 2016


Attention Everyone: Meeting Date Sept. 12th

Our September meeting is scheduled for September 12 because of the Labor Day weekend holiday. Please make a not of it on your calendars.

ATTENTION ACTIVE PPSO Members – During the announcements period from about 6:30pm to 7pm we will be discussing some needed changes in our application and the bylaws of PPSO. The board needs your input and your votes to make these changes to allow PPSO to continue to grow and meet the needs of a changing market. We would like to change several of the membership categories so that full and part-time photographers can serve on the board. We would like to add at least two new categories of membership as well. Without these changes we cannot find the board members we need and effectively run the organization and reach new members as well (for example people who are just starting their career as full or part-time photographers). Look for an email with documents for your review. Board members can be reached HERE


Why Continuing Education is important

Tonight you will learn some of the easy ways to improve the quality of your work for your customers. Each thing that you learn can take you another step above competitors in your market who may care less about quality. Anything you can do to provide a better quality product for your clients can be used to bring VALUE to your clients. Consumers are willing to pay more when they can see a qualitative difference in the finished product.

Our Speaker

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.44.37 AM

Our special guest is the knowledgeable Rob Kumler, owner of K&R PhotoDigital in Northern Kentucky. Here are some of the things that he is offering for us as continuing education and professional growth and services.

√ Rob has indicated that he will be giving away a door prize for the evening

√ Discount Sensor Cleaning for attendees

WHILE YOU WAIT or SHIPPED back to you by THURSDAY. Bring your camera bodies that need sensor cleaning to the meeting. He will be available from 5:30pm to 6:30 pm to do while-you-wait digital camera seniors cleanings at a special discounted price for attendees of this meeting. He will also stay after the meeting for some time working on while-you-wait sensor cleanings. If he can not get to your camera, you can still take advantage of the special pricing by leaving your camera with him and he will have it cleaned and shipped back to you by Thursday (with Friday as a day to spare if you need your camera for the weekend). THE SPECIAL PRICE FOR ATTENDEES IS GOING TO BE $45 (Regularly $65) and only available for attendees

Presentation From 7pm – 9pm

√ What’s NEW and valuable for improving the quality of our products to customers? New cameras, lenses, lighting and more

Rob, as I said is a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge and is always on the cutting edge of new things that can improve the value of our work for our clients. I have asked him to bring the latest and the greatest new technology and share with us how it can be used to help us to better serve our clients and increase our value in the market. He will be bringing items that you can ask about, handle, and consider for your own business.

√ Lens and Equipment RENTAL, when and why?

It often comes up in photography groups online, “Have you ever rented a lens and WHO should I go to and why?” I’ve asked Rob to tell us about his lens and equipment rental program (not just cameras and lenses) from the perspective of a business owner. When should I consider rental? What are some cost ranges? What lenses and equipment are most popular and why?

Learning about renting equipment and why this might be a benefit to your business from time to time is very good knowledge to have BEFORE YOU NEED IT. You’ll be able to ask questions and hear how other photographers use lens and equipment rentals to have flex-growth in dealing with new opportunities without having to invest large amounts of money up front.

√ The Importance of color calibration and color management as a professional – Easy tools

A couple of years ago Rob did an entire presentation on color management for professional photographers. It was fascinating and a bit over my head. This time I have asked him to review some of the basic tools for achieving professional color in our final products to our clients. What are the basic and easiest tools to use to calibrate, match, and balance our images whether we are printing or sending our images to one of the quality professional labs. This will be a portion of his presentation this evening. Ask your questions and get your answers from someone the major labs use and trust.

√ Camera & lens FOCUS & color CALIBRATION – what it can do and when you may need it

One thing he mentioned is that he is getting more work in the area of camera and lens focus calibration services. I have asked him to share about what he is finding and why professionals sometimes come to him to have their equipment tweaked in one way or another.

√ Last of all, Q & A period

This is your opportunity to ask that question that you’ve always wondered about. Rob works with top labs and camera manufacturers and suppliers on a regular basis helping them to produce the best quality of product for their clients. He is always cutting edge, but his knowledge is both long and deep.

You may have a question about your own camera and issues that you are perplexed about. You may have questions about how to monetize the value of investing in some of the new gear or technology for your business. Rob has the answers, I guarantee it.

MORE INFORMATION ABOUT PPSO AND THIS MEETING: If you have any questions about PPSO or this meeting, feel free to call and speak with the current president, Peter DeMott or any of the current board members HERE

Annual PPSO Photographers Picnic & Swap Meetup – August 1st!

You are invited to this family friendly event!

Good food! Good company!

Fun location with a pavilion and playground for the kids!

Networking with photographers & swapping stuff

You are invited to this great networking and get to know you opportunity. The event is sponsored by PPSO, but is open to all professional and aspiring professional photographers in the Dayton and Cincinnati area. Do you need to meet some photographers for second shooters? Do you need someone to refer weddings to that you have dates already booked. This is your opportunity to perhaps meet some other professionals face to face and just relax and enjoy some time together.


Do you have some backgrounds that are getting stale or unused, bring them along and perhaps you will be able to sell or swap with another photographer. Do you have equipment that you no longer use? I do, I will be bringing a Canon digital sports camera with several batteries, manual, etc. for a pretty darn low price. Do you want to upgrade? Bring your stuff and trade or sell it.





What do you need to bring?

Please bring a side dish, chips, or dessert to share. BYOB!

PPSO will provide hot dogs, hamburgers, and buns. Please RSVP with how many people/kids you will be bringing by July 28, 2016 via Facebook, text 443-717-0013 or email to beers.jennifer@gmail.com so we know how much food to purchase.

Also if you need an idea about what would be great to bring this is a link to the party organizer online app we have set up for this event.  Click HERE: WHAT TO BRING IDEAS and sign up for what you will bring

You can also bring items to TRADE or SWAP with other photographers after dinner.

Date: Monday, 08/01/2016
Time: 5:30pm – 9:00pm
Location: Ireland Park – E David Rd, Kettering, Ohio 45429

(Turn onto presidential Dr. and pull in at the SE corner of the park, parking area. We will be at the closest shelter from that point.)



You are welcome to stop in and leave when you need to of course.

Here is a google map to the location. Just plug in where you are coming from for directions. We will be at the shelter in the South East corner of the park.

MAP TO PARK Click here





Annual PPSO all day workshop –  June 6th Right here in SW OHIO

Annual PPSO all day workshop – June 6th Right here in SW OHIO

Join us for our annual all day June 6th workshop in Middletown, Ohio.

Learn how to run a successful home-based photography studio, even in a small economically-strapped town! You can do it too! Definitely bring your note pad and pen.

Pick up great ideas for your existing studio or wedding business! New posing and lighting ideas too, so bring your camera.

David Hakamaki (from Michigan, a depressed state) will share his knowledge and business sense, focusing on being competitive with a home based photography business. David’s success has demonstrated and you will learn how a home based studio can become the “hot” studio in the area!

He will focus on the imaging, marketing, and operations that will give insight on the keys to success. There will be a live demo with a model using lighting, posing, and “live viewing.”

He will address key components to the business side of photography.

Watch the registration countdown timer. Registrations can be done online through June 5th at Midnight. This countdown timer is timed to Friday at noon. We appreciate you registering by Friday at NOON so we have time to make all preparations for your participation in this event.

Reserve your spot and register here: http://www.ppso.org/2016/05/04/building-your-photography-business-with-david-hakamaki/

  • $79 for Non-members (Not a member of any PPA Affiliate group)
  • $69 for any PPSO member or PPA Affiliate Group member
  • $89 at the Door (anyone not online preregistered)
  • Join PPSO and save $10 on the workshop

LEARN These 7 how to’s of successful home based photography business:

  • Draw attention to your studio
  • Increase bookings
  • Keep a steady flow of customers coming through your door!
  • Strategic selection and pricing of products
  • Run successful in-person sales
  • Incorporate incentive programs
  • Do follow-up sales


Components of the day-long meeting will include the following:

Marketing for Success

You need to get business through your door to stay in business. With the “white noise” of advertisements bombarding customers from every angle, it is difficult to get anyone’s attention, much less get them excited to come into your business. David shows you ways to market your photography business and get people’s attention, both via social media and traditional methods.

His unique method to capture an exceptionally high percentage of incoming calls, and turn them into bookings, has captivated his audience. Get potential clients excited about your business and WANTING to come to you.


Sales Sessions & Trends

The most dreaded part of photography are sales sessions. Photographers either hate or are terrified over the sales part. Unfortunately, effective sales sessions are essential in operating a profitable photography business. David discusses ways to select products that set you apart from your competitors, how to price those items for maximum profit and then how to conduct a successful sales session. This program is business oriented, taught by a person with a business background. Learn established sales tactics, incentive programs, unique add-on sales tips and follow-up sales that keep your bottom line happy.

Live Demo

Look at how off-camera flash, LED lighting, and other creative lighting can enhance any portrait. David’s live demo will show you various lighting options, when to use them, and ways in which you can create dramatic portraits that sell.

Watch the registration countdown timer. Registrations can be done online through June 5th at Midnight. This countdown timer is timed to Friday at noon. We appreciate you registering by Friday at NOON so we have time to make all preparations for your participation in this event.

Reserve your spot now, register here: http://www.ppso.org/2016/05/04/building-your-photography-business-with-david-hakamaki

  • $79 for Non-members (Not a member of any PPA Affiliate group)
  • $69 for any PPSO member or PPA Affiliate Group member
  • $89 at the Door (anyone not online preregistered)
  • Join PPSO and save $10 on the workshop


What does the day look like:

MAP to the LOCATION Click HERE for Map

The Middletown Pendleton Art Center is centrally located between Dayton and Cincinnati (thus the town name Middletown). If you need directions to get there or need to know how long it will take you to get there, click on the above map and add your current location and then click START.

9-10 AM Registration at the Middletown Pendleton Art Center (upstairs)

10:00am – 12:00pm – Running a Home Based Photography business and studio

12:00pm – 1:00pm – Box Lunches provided and open Q&A – networking with others
1:00pm – 3:00pm – Live Demo (creative lighting, live viewing, etc. with HS model w/ full hair and makeup) Bring your camera and come in close to get a better understanding of what you can accomplish. Marketing for Success (Social media and beyond)
3:00pm – 3:30pm – Break
3:30pm – 5:30pm – Pricing and Successful Sales (product discussion, live hands on sales session demo and Q&A)
5:30pm – 6:30pm – Dinner Break and open Q&A  Dinner is on your own. There are several options close by. You are welcome to bring your dinner back to continue discussions, questions.
6:30pm – 9:00pm – Marketing for Success (Social media and beyond)
For those who could not participate during the day, you are welcome to come and join us for the evening (as if it were a regular PPSO monthly meeting – First time guests for the evening only portion of the event pay $10 along any regular members who can only come for the evening session / There is no additional charge for those who are participating in the workshop throughout the day).

Photo Walk Opportunity

You are welcome to participate in a photo walk the following morning with David and his model as they explore urban setting for senior portraits. There is a small added free for this for those who are interested. See the online registration form

Watch the registration countdown timer. Registrations can be done online through June 5th at Midnight. This countdown timer is timed to Friday at noon. We appreciate you registering by Friday at NOON so we have time to make all preparations for your participation in this event.

  • $79 for Non-members (Not a member of any PPA Affiliate group)
  • $69 for any PPSO member or PPA Affiliate Group member
  • $89 at the Door (anyone not online preregistered)
  • Join PPSO and save $10 on the workshop

Some sponsors who are subsidizing this event include:

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Photography Business Success Strategies with Joe Krehlik – May 2nd, 2016

Come and join us for an evening of learning and growth for you and your photography business.

Joe KWelcome Joe Krehlik of Forever A Masterpiece.


Do you want to know how to have a successful photography business or how to make your current photography business do better and be more rewarding to you?

Building a sustainable photography business model

Being in the business of photography is about much more than the capture; the lighting or the posing. Successful studios realize that it is also about creating a sustainable business model that will allow you to provide your clients with a great experience while enabling you to operate a business that is both financially and personally rewarding.

Awaiting RedemptionIn one evening together Joe will review many of the things many established photographers may be neglecting as well as key business strategies those new to the craft may not even be aware of. His presentation is designed to arm you with the skills necessary to take control of your business and be more profitable while enjoying more time for yourself. Branding, workflow, understanding your true costs, and developing effective pricing and package strategies are topics that will be discussed.


Franklin Pisanello’s Pizza Upstairs – 355 S. Main Street, Franklin, Ohio 45005

Date & Time: May 2nd, 2016

5:30-6:45pm – Grab some grub and head upstairs to network and meet other photographers
6:15-6:45pm – Mentors’ Corner (new image critique opportunity – bring images on your electronic device for CC).
6:45-7:00pm – PPSO news, announcements and guests introductions
7:00-9:00pm – Presentation by Joe Krehlik


$10 for first time visitors and members – More information click here

Joe Krehlik

  • Certified Professional Photographer 2015-2016
  • International Print Competition Silver Medalist Photographer of the Year 2015-2016
  • Ohio Top 10 Photographer 2015-2017
  • Ohio Top 5 Certified Professional Photographers

Joe is a very hands-on kind of guy, and while he prefers to be in control of most situations, he readily accepts others as team players. He utilizes the right-side of his brain way more than the left-side which often times gets him trouble.

Creativity and great design along with his keen eye for details are challenged at times by his quick-wit and sense of humor. His eye for detail enables him to pick-up new things relatively quickly, which is a good thing because he does not enjoy reading books or studying. As a PPA Certified Photographer Joe is an active participant in print competition and strives to elevate his art and client work through what he learns through his participation.

Jewel of IndiaJoe currently holds a CPP designation (Certified Professional Photographer) and is working toward his Master of Photography & Photographic Craftsman degrees. Currently, Joe is one of Ohio’s Top 5 Certified Professional Photographers as designated by The Professional Photographers of Ohio and has achieved numerous awards including 2015-2016 International Print Competition Silver Medalist Photographer of the Year; Ohio Top 10 Photographer (2015); Ohio Top 5 Certified Professional Photographers (2015/2016); and The PPA Charities Impact Award.

Introduced to film photography and development by his father at an early age, he was always interested in graphic arts, only going into professional photography just 8 short years ago. Joe now shoots utilizing the latest mirrorless technology exclusively.

Successful full time photographer

As a successful full-time photographer, Joe has had the opportunity to photograph hundreds of diverse clients and some famous celebrities & musicians along the way as well. Joe has become a sought after speaker and enjoys sharing his knowledge, techniques and business strategies to others in an effort to elevate the industry.

When Joe is not pursuing his creative passion, he enjoys woodworking and loves to be out on the open-road riding his Harley.

The Violinist

Warm Wedding Waters

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