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    Welcome to the online home of PPSO, the Professional Photographers of Southwest Ohio! We are a local organization associated with the Professional Photographers of Ohio (PPO) and affiliated with the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Through monthly educational programs given by award winning photographers, and networking with other members we share knowledge and experience with one another and our members continue to enhance their skills in technology, creativity and business practices. Whether you are a professional photographer, a student, or a local resident in need of the services a professional photographer can offer, we are a resource for you.

Andrea Chapelo of Chapelo Photography – PPSO Speaker for 1/5/2015

Our January speaker is an outstanding and versatile portrait photographer


Andrea Chapelo, CPP, is a portrait photographer based in Lebanon, Ohio.

In her past life she was a Weather Specialist for the USAF. She is very proud of serving her country.  She was able to us the GI Bill for training in photography which started her on the path she is on now. She has been in business for over 10 years.

While she does all types of portraiture work, it is her senior work that makes up the majority of her business.

Shooting, Studio Lighting and Posing Demo

This year we have asked our speakers to demo some of their work. Shooting, selling, communications with their clients and so on. During the course of her program for us, she will go over the types of studio lighting that she uses and what sells to her seniors and their parents.  She will be going over some of her basic posing and will be demonstrating a basic studio set up and will be working with and posing a model for a portion of her presentation.


Kohler Catering next to Presidential Banquet Center. 4572 Presidential Way, Kettering, OHIO 45429


Visitor and cost information


5:30-6:00 pm Networking and chatting with members and visitors
6:00-6:45 pm Catered Dinner and getting to know those at your table
6:45-7:00 pm PPSO announcements
7:00-9:00 pm Andrea’s presentation

Here are some of her senior portraits for your inspiration:








DSC_2490 copy

Family portraits, art, and more. Please visit her web site and see.








Rick Trummer tells us what it takes to survive in this economy – PPSO Speaker 9/8/14

“You May not Want to Hear This!”

Photographic studios are opening their doors at an all-time high. Studios that have been opened for years, even decades, are now closing their doors after years of professional service. What makes the difference of the ones that keep their doors open and the ones that close after only a few months or even years? That’s the question that todays’ studio owners are going through, how to survive in this economic environment.

As a consultant Rick helps photographers and studios get in the game and get successful

Over the past nine years, Rick Trummer has been traveling the country and making notes on why some photographers are thriving, some are surviving and why some are drowning. In May of 2013, he opened up his own consulting firm educating studio owners on how to survive in these economic times. You may not what to hear the information he has to give you, but it’s information that is crucial to our existence as studio owners. He will discuss the planning and execution of setting goals in both marketing and business, then accessing those goals on a weekly to monthly basis to deliver the results to keep you in business. He will give you the insights needed to help you thrive in this economic environment by evaluating those goals and making changes based on the results. Rick will share with you five techniques to growth and motivate you to get your butt off the bench and get into the game. He will discuss the importance of using professional services and why they are important to the economic well- being of your photographic operation.

Are you ready to find out what is working and what is not?

This program is not for the weak of heart, so strap in for some straight truth and self-analyzing to get you all to the next level of life.

Our speaker works for and will be showing us products available through Burrell Imaging. He will discuss how studios and photographers use different products and services to become more successful in today’s competitive and sluggish economic market.  If you need a boost or want to get the right start in photography as a business, this is a presentation you will not want to miss.


If you will be a guest, please tell us you are coming here:


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Rick Trummer, M.Photog.,Cr.,CPP,F-WPPA,F-APPI,F-SCPPA,F-PPANI,F-IPPG is an award winning photographer whose creativity and originality is constantly redefining commercial, portrait and wedding photography and has been working with Photoshop since version 2.0. He is also a sought after speaker with his innovative presentations on a wide variety of subjects including digital workflow, color management, commercial, wedding, marketing and the business of photography. In 1989, he purchased his first digital scan back for the 4×5 view camera and his love affair started with the digital age. Numerous cameras since and many Photoshop versions later, he has become a major advocate to the digital platform.

His career in photography now spans over 33 years and he continues to push the ends of the envelope with his innovative and advanced teaching techniques and methods. He has received numerous awards for his commercial, wedding and portrait work and is considered an authority on digital imaging, digital asset management, business and studio management. He received his Master of Photography degree in 1995 and followed up with his Photographic Craftsman

degree in 1996. His awards include numerous “Best of Show” honors from the Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association, several “Court of Honor” awards, seven prestigious “Kodak Gallery Awards” and seventeen “Fuji Masterpiece Awards”. In his thirty plus-year career he has received 52 Grand Awards from the South Central Photographers Association and over 400 blue ribbons from the SCPPA, WPPA and the Professional Photographers Association. He has received numerious “Outstanding Service Awards” from the SCPA as well as the “Special Service Award” and the “Meritorious Service Award” from the WPPA. In 2002 he was presented with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the SCPPA. He has received the “National Award” from three organizations the American Society of Photographers, the Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association and the Illinois Professional Photographers Association. Rick was inducted into the Wisconsin Professional Photographers “Hall of Fame in 2011”, one of only 24 that have earned the honor since 1970.

Rick is a two time President of the South Central Photographers Association as well as a Past President of the Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association, the American Society of Photographers and Professional Photographers of Northern Illinois. He is currently serving as Vice President of Illinoi PPA. Rick continues to share his knowledge and professionalism with fellow photographers and students of photography, and continues to strive to better the photographic industry.

I May of 2013, Rick opened up RIck Trummer Consulting & Training and has been creating successful game plans for many studios throughout the Midwest.

Michael Bambino Photography does 150 weddings a year – PPSO Speaker 7/14/14


Wedding photography from one of the top wedding photographers in SW Ohio

People are willing to pay for weddings with style. Even those of us who do not do weddings will be able to learn to create more impact in our portrait images. Don’t miss this learning opportunity. Don’t forget, because of the 4th of July weekend and all that goes with that, our regular PPSO meeting has been moved to Monday the 14th of July.

For location and pricing to participate click on this link: PPSO Monthly Meeting for JULY 14th


If you plan to attend we would appreciate if you would visit of Facebook EVENT and indicate you are coming to help us estimate the correct number of dinners for our caterer : https://www.facebook.com/events/514989255267199/ Alternatively you can give Ron a call at:  513-779-0415 to confirm attendance.

We are pleased to say that Michael Bambino will be sharing with us at our July 14th PPSO meeting and YOU are invited

Bambino Studios started in 1997. Michael was a restaurant owner who practiced photography as a hobby. During the summer of 1996, Michael traveled to NYC to intern under two professional photographers who later inspired him to begin shooting professionally in Cincinnati.

Michael began hanging his photographs in his restaurants and had customers inquiring about his work. He never considered shooting weddings until a few of his regular customers literally begged him, expressing their love for his creative eye.

From there, the demand for his photography exploded. We currently have 5 different lead teams and 25 photographers shooting for the studio. We shoot an exclusive 150 weddings/year.

In June 2013 we opened a new studio complete with in-house shooting and editing rooms in Hyde Park.

Web: www.michaelbambino.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Michael-Bambino-Co/53423249645?ref=hl
















Nations Photo Lab joins PPSO as a sponsor


We are pleased to announce that Nations Photo Lab is now a sponsor of PPSO. The first thing that I noticed along with all the various products that they offer to professional photographers is that there was a link for a special at the top of their home page. I would guess that this is something they do frequently, so visit often and see what is being offered.

Visit their web site here: Nations Photo Lab

Please welcome Nations Photo Lab by visiting their web site and checking out all the products and services that they offer.

Pop Revolution Gallery in Mason Ohio joins PPSO as a sponsor

Welcome to Pop Revolution Gallery in Mason, OHIO as one of our sponsors. I was pleased to meet one of the owners of the company at a vendor table at our annual PPSO all day workshop. The part of this company that we as photographers are most interested in is PRG Fine Art Printing. It was clear from the samples that they are meticulous about color matching, but at the same time their prices are VERY competitive. All the different photo paper options are available at prices below many of the other pro labs, and these folks are right here in our area which means you can save and at the same time pick up orders in person if you have an emergency or rush order.

Just a short list of paper options (at prices below other custom labs):

• Metallic – Pearlescent
• Lustre Professional
• Lyve Canvas – Satin
• Lyve Canvas – Glossy
• Lyve Canvas – Silver Metalic
• Photo Rag Bright White
• Bamboo (90% Bamboo, 10% Cotton)
• Fine Art Pearl

I am sure there are more. And they can consult with you on the reason to consider each as well as appropriate framing options given the type of piece and image you want to present.


Custom framing is also offered

105 East Main St,
Mason, OH 45040

Hours:   Tuesday to Friday 10-6
Saturday 11-3


L i k e   u s   o n   F a c e b o o k