PPSO Photography Study Program

Learn the theory of photography using a series of lectures and written exams. In addition, develop practical skills through a series of photo shooting and retouching assignments. As you work through this program you will know better how to get the desired image effects AND how to get them faster, which makes clients happier and saves you time and money.

This PPSO Study Program uses a 3-pronged learning strategy that spans 10 months. We combine a monthly 2 1/2 hr presentations / discussion on theory with opportunities to practice skills at the PPSO Bonus Day events and multiple knowledge checks that resemble the questions on the PPA’s CPP exam. The diversity in subject matter makes it so you can start the program at any time and just complete the classes you missed in future cycles. This unique approach gives you a solid foundation in both theory and practice to take your images to better thrill your clients right away AND prepare you to pass the PPA’s written CPP exam, if you want.

If your goal is to become a PPA-approved CPP, the PPSO study program concludes just before the fall PPO conference so those who feel ready may take the CPP exam at the conference. After passing the written CPP exam, the PPA requires you to submit specific images that demonstrate your photographic skills. Once approved, you are a PPA approved CPP. If you need, the PPA’s CPP program allows you to re-submit additional images several times as defined in their guidelines.

This year, the monthly presentations / discussion are on the Sunday after the monthly meeting from 5:00-7:30pm in Middletown unless noted otherwise (watch the Facebook events for specific topics and meeting details!!). For more information or if your have questions, please feel free to contact Ron Rice.
RJ Rice Photography

This program is designed to grow your skill-set based on the key knowledge and abilities as outlined by the PPA to become a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP). You are not required to take the CPP exam.

My first meeting at ppso was interesting and motivating. My photography journey is now enriched with image competitions and a photography training class designed to help me pass the cpp test to become a Certified Professional Photographer.  I would encourage others to become a part of an organization that is doing photo work and not just talking about it. The quality of speakers are exceptional.

Tod Eltzroth

Tod Eltzroth

Owner, Photo DeLux

In ten short months, take your photography to the next level AND take your CPP exam!

The program spans 10 months (one 2 1/2 hr meeting per month) the exact meeting day / time for this yearner available through the instructor linked below. The schedule is coordinated with the PPSO Bonus Day Events to more easily provide opportunities to complete assignments and practice skills.

The program concludes just before the fall PPO conference so those who feel ready may take the CPP exam at the conference. In addition to passing this written exam, before you can become a CPP you must submit images as specified. The CPP committee reviews the images to see if they pass. If some images do not pass, you will be able to resubmit additional images as needed until you pass.


You make the investment and PPSO will pay for you to take the exam!

Your investment is only $23 for each of 10 meetings. PPSO members are reimbursed $200 upon completion of the program (which can be used to pay the PPA for the CPP exam or just a nice dinner out) and the remaining $30 goes to pay for your 3 PPA merits if you are a PPA member.


Who is this study group for?

Photographers of any skill level can participate in this program and can start anytime. The program is open to all photographers, but reimbursement of fees is contingent upon being a PPSO member.

Current CPPs can earn up to 5 CEUs by lending a hand and helping to lead this program.


Click HERE to contact Ron Rice about the class or if you have questions.

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