September 10th meeting is our annual Picnic at Charlie Woods Place

Everyone is welcome to come:

Welcome to those interested in learning more about PPSO. Don't feel that this is not a time for visitors to attend PPSO. Last year we had several visitors (photographers and their families) at our picnic and it was great to show them what an outgoing and friendly group of professionals we are and a great opportunity for us to get to know them as well.

When: September 10th (because September 3 is Labor day) This year the picnic changed months, which is good because last year it was way to HOT in July. The picnic is at Charlie Woods home and back yard outdoor studio in Franklin. (Mapquest map link at bottom of page along with his phone and cell phone number if you get lost).

Here is what is planned:

5:30-6:00 arrive and relax and enjoy each other

6:00 to 7:00 let's eat

7:00 till dark lets take some pictures and do whatever else you'd like to do to have fun

STUFF for sale or trade:

This is also our annual opportunity to sell and trade both gear and props. If you need to trade out a background you seldom use any more or God forbid, you are changing from Canon to Nikon and want to sell all your cameras and lenses, bring them here to show them around. Perhaps we will set up a table for your for sale or trade items.

Something to Learn:

Janne is going to ask a couple people to show us there OF CAMERA FLASH techniques, but as before bring your cameras and we can take portraits of each other and our families. Personally, I always learn something new when I am around this group for any period of time. If you have a question, just ask and you will have several good answers in the matter of a very short time.

Something to Eat:

PPSO will be providing hamburgers and hot dogs this year along with soft drinks. We will also be bringing paper plates and plastic utensils as well. Please bring serving spoons if needed for your shared food item

Something to Share:

Please bring a side dish or a desert to share.

If you would like to bring a couple beers with you, you certainly may. Beer will not be provided.

Don't forget to bring some lawn chairs for your comfort.

Directions to Charlie's home in the woods:

Click on this link to be brought to a mapquest map of his location. If this link and map don't work, here is the address for your cell phone or garmin: 6613 Gorsuch Street, Franklin, Ohio 45005. If you get lost Charlie's phones are:

937-746-4225  or cell 937-470-5365

Click on the bottom of the map where it says "view larger map" and you can add your address and get directions from Mapquest.

Here is the Link:

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!
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