June 3rd 2013 PPSO summer photography workshop with Jon and Linda Johnson on-location in Dayton Ohio

PPSO is pleased to announce our summer photography workshop with featured speakers Jon and Linda Johnson.

Jon Johnson is a Master Photographer, CR. PPA Certified., ASP, and Ohio CPP

Linda Johnson is a Master Photographer., CR., ASP, and Ohio CPP

Jon and Linda are known for their outstanding Senior Portrait business in South East Ohio. Seniors from around the state have come to Jon's Photography to have the "SENIOR EXPERIENCE"  which includes posing and lighting with a glamour flare. Jon also does model portfolio work and has done glamour photography for many years.

Jon has had many awards over his 29 years in photography, just to name a few, he was named Swimsuit Illustrated Photographer of the year in 1996, Swimwear International Photographer of the year 1997, PPO Photographer of the year in 1997 & 1998. Mid-East Photographer of the Year 1997, CPP of the year 1997 & 1998. Jon was President of PPO in 2007. He received the PPA National Award in 2009 and the Walter Troup Award in 2010. Jon is also a PPA Approved Affiliate Judge.

Linda, in here 20 plus years has won numerous awards as well, including Ohio Artist of the Year, and Top 10 Ohio Photographers.

Both have won numerous Kodak Gallery and Fuji Masterpiece Awards, as well as PPA Photographer of the Year Awards, as well as many Court of Honors and PPA Loan Images.

We will NOT have Online registration please download this flyer and registration form using this link and mail your check to the address on the form.


For the Dropbox download, the preview is rather large for some reason, but if you download the PDF it will be the regular size of 8 1/2 x 11 printer paper.


Here are the details with regard to pricing. We are currently exploring several locations for the event. When the event location is selected I will be updating this page with a Mapquest Map and some photographs.


Creating and getting bigger session fees from your seniors

You are invited to PPSO for for networking and support from professional photographers from throughout the region.

We have both new professionals and very experienced working photographers who work together to build this industry for each other. Arrive around 5:30 and get to know people, then at 6pm we have a very nice dinner prepared by Kohler Catering. At 7pm through about 9pm our guest speaker challenges us to learn and grow so that we can also make a better living as photographers. Come an join us.

Our speaker for our Monday, March 4th PPSO meeting

Mike Osborne is our March 4th PPSO speaker. He's going to share some of the things he is doing to increase his session fees for seniors. In addition he will be showing us how he puts together custom albums that look like they have taken hours to design, but generally he spends about an hour creating albums that look totally unique. No two books look the same.

Mike is very involved in PPO and seeks to help many photographers to do better and have a balanced life. One of the significant things that photographers provide is a remembrance of those we love. Although his has photographed thousands of seniors, his personal story also makes him the person he is today.


Mike Osborne:

Photography was in my heart

I started my career in 1981, just after graduating HS. I worked for a large chain photographer studio.  My first duty with that company was in sales.  I remember hating doing the sales for the studio, but I was good at it.  I really wanted to be in the photography room. I know I had a "knack" at photographing children.  It took a year for me to convince by boss to give me a chance in the camera room.  He didn't want to lose me in the sales room, but he knew it wasn't in my heart.  Photography was!  I worked another 4 years with that company, until I decided to "go out on mine own".

I married my wife, Rachel, in 1985

We were living in California at the time.  It was tuff life in California, because it was so expensive to live there.  My wife and I moved backed to Findlay, Ohio in 1986.  My Dad got very ill and I knew that it was best to come back. He died in 1993.  I didn't know my father had photography studio in the early 60's, until after he had died.  I guess it is in our DNA.  When we arrived back home, that's when I opened my 1st studio, Keepsake Portraits, in Findlay, Ohio.  I remember getting my 1st vendor license and feeling the excitement of knowing that my future was in my own hands.

My studio in Findlay, Ohio

It was easy when I opened my studio.  There were not a lot of photography studios in the Findlay area.  Quite frankly, there just wasn't much competition for any of the studios in the area.  I started with $1200.  With that I had to rent a store front, by camera and lighting equipment and startup supplies.  I think my wife thought I was crazy, but I knew I could do it.  My studio was only a 15x20 foot room with 22 steps to get to it.

The business grew from there and in 1990 we decided to rent a new, larger, store front in Findlay.

I loved photographing HS seniors.  Back then a $400 average was a goal for many photographers.  I wanted to increase that average and also, "break the norm" for HS senior photography.  So, I wanted to find a photographer that was ahead of everyone else in the business.

Larry Peters was my inspiration and trainer

He inspired me in ways that you can't imagine.  I had so many ideas in my head, but just didn't know how to achieve them, until I saw Larry.  For instance,  I remember an idea that my close friend and mentor, Jerry Wolf, and I came up with.  I would take three 4"x5" proofs and paste them onto bright white 8x10 poster board.  I would make borders around the 4x5's and put the seniors name in the corner.  I would get crazy and make different font styles and colors.  I then would take a picture of the 8x10,  take the negative and make wallet size pictures for the senior.  I called them, Tri-Pose wallets.  This was all before I heard the word Photoshop.

Then I remember going to see Larry for the 1st time.  I remember that he took me aside and from the rest of group.  He wanted to show me something new he was working on.  Could you believe that he pulled out some wallet sample photos, and  WALLA....there was my idea of Tri-Pose wallets.  That's when I was introduced to Photoshop.  Larry was ahead of his time and I knew that I could learn so much from him.  I studied with him ever since, and can be glad to call him a friend today. Thanks Larry.

In 1995 my business was growing and I purchased a building for my studio

I had grown my studio to the point that I could not continue in the store front that I was in.  I purchased a 2500 sq ft. building in Findlay.  I built outdoor sets and put in a waterfall with a stream and with fish.   It was a great move and really helped me to continue to grow my senior business.  I remember I increased from photographing 150 in 1994-95 seniors to almost 800 seniors in 1998.  I employed two other photographers, sales staff and framers.  It was very busy and hard work.

My philosophy was to have every senior session look different with a personal touch, at a reasonable cost.  It worked well and I still use this philosophy today.

Going digital

As time went on and Photoshop and digital photography was coming to age, I concentrated on digital products to offer to my clients.  My ideas was to have reasonable priced packages for seniors, but add onto their order with digital products that no one else was doing.  I was the first one in my area and maybe one of the 1st few studios to go fully digital.  I was digital in 1998.  My first digital camera was a 1.4 mega pixel Kodak.

Disaster strikes

In March 2006 tragedy struck when Rachel suddenly died of a heart condition .  I was forced to either keep up 10 hour work days or to sell my business.  I chose to sell in late 2006 because I wanted to raise my kids who were 7 and 11 years old.  I couldn't imagine working that much and not being able to see them grow up.  When it came to my kids, it made it not that hard of decision to sell the studio.

In the meantime since then I have kept busy with photography and received my Photographic Craftsman and am close to receiving Masters of Photography Degree through the PPA.  I still continue to speak on senior photography at the state and local level .

I love the new products that Color Labs are coming up with.  Coffee Table books are a great ad on to your sales.  That is what I am concentrating on.  How to increase you SESSION FEES through coffee table books.  I have a creative and fresh idea to DOUBLE your session fees.  Before they buy their add-ons and packages, they are already investing in your photography.

Digital and Photoshop has made it easier to sell more products to your customer to increase sales.  At the same time, the door to entry into photography has also opened wide. Many hobbyiest feel that there work is "good enough" to sell to your customers.  To set yourself apart, you 1st need to expand on your knowledge of photography and make sure your posing, lighting and creativity brings a superior product to your customers.  You also have to create an experience with your personality and creativity that makes your clients talk to their friends about your work.

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