How I do what I do, by Terry Dunlap for our May 5th 2014 PPSO meeting

Terry is an engaging and outstanding speaker and photographer. Your will enjoy and learn much during our two hours with Terry Dunlap. Below you will pick up some of the fun you will have just in how he introduces and talks about who he is and what he does. His photography is amazing. YOU are invited to come May 5th from 5-9pm . Please scroll through the entire page as I will be inserting paragraphs between photos.


First of all, I think most bios should be read out loud in the voice of Thurston Howell III from Gilligan's Island.  If you are too young to know who that it.  Trust me it's worth it.

Here's the thing about bios .... who cares ... really!  Kinda like taking a 30 minute photo tour of every part of your studio during a 45 minute presentation, "This is my sales room ... this is my lobby ... this is my closet .... this is my computer desk ... whatever".   My thoughts are that this should tell you who I am now, not what I've done in the past.  I've been in business with my awesome wife, Lisa, since the first wedding we did in 1983.  Opened a "full time" downtown location in 1987.  I guess I was an MWAC  (machinist with a camera) for a couple years while we were starting up.  Fast forward to now.


Our business has been built with honesty and attention to organizational detail -- we are committed to providing an AWESOME experience for our clients and for us.

I have always been the only photographer at our studio, though my daughter, Leslie, has now joined us and she will be sharing more and more of those duties.  We have five school contracts, four of them we provide all the senior images for the yearbook at no charge, for the other two we do sports and dances.  We do no underclass and there are no kickbacks to the schools we work with; however we do take care of our schools by providing them with what they need photographically.  We also photograph some team/groups from non-contract schools (marching bands, cheerleading squads, choirs/musicals, etc.)  I have ALWAYS used a light meter and I've been shooting off camera flash since before it was known as  "OCF".

With all the things that I do, I end up with about 200,000 "shutter actuations" a year on my camera, which keeps me very busy.

Family, faith, laughter, honesty (to a fault), integrity, respect ... that's really who I am.  I just wrote the other stuff to fill the space ... lol.


PROGRAM Description

HOW I DO WHAT I DO....I'm a firm believer in creating an experience that it "unexpected" or "over the top" when dealing with clients of all kinds.  I will share how I engage the schools that we work with to make sure that we deliver a quality product and create an awesome experience for coaches and kids both.  By doing so it helps our senior business because we are building trust with the students.  I also plan on going over our Ambassador program which is super awesome and also will share my favorite quick photoshop tricks!  It will be a fast paced two hours so make sure to bring a note pad (and also your sense of humor, cuz I like to laugh a lot)

YOU are invited to come May 5th from 5-9pm 

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