Engaging consumers in an oversaturated photography market – Monthly meeting March 2nd, 2015


Location CHANGE for this event:

NEWS FLASH: Trying out a new location for or March 2nd meeting - The Pendleton Art Center in Middletown

1105 Central Ave. Middletown, OHIO 45042

Google Map   http://tinyurl.com/q7bjhhl

Finding Your Voice in a Saturated Market - Focussing on the Business of Photography

I (Michael Carr) am passionate about helping photographers discover who their ideal client is, and showing them how life changing this discovery can be. Cyrissa is a social media guru and business coach. Combined we will be running a mini goal setting seminar, with lots of exercises and hands-on time, group work, and question time. The entire presentation will be interactive. 

I am a husband, father, and a bit of a dreamer... well that might be a slight understatement. Just ask my amazing wife, Grace, and she will tell you that I live in the clouds 99% of the time. But she has learned to deal with it. As we have walked down this road together for eight years, the journey has been incredible. This year we were named “50 Top US Wedding Photographers” and listed among the Top 10 Best Wedding Photographers in the Midwest. Pinch me! 

One thing I am very passionate about is helping other photographers understand the value in living an intentional life, and running their business in such a way that each piece and parcel is designed to benefit them. As a business owner, I have relocated, rebranded, and rebuilt my company... learning a LOT along the way. I want to sit down and slap 21 year old Michael sometimes because I can look back knowing what I do today, and I see a much clearer, more profitable road. Let's get fired up together about your business, and let me show you the "better" path towards working a job you love. 

PPSO presentation about engaging customers in a competitive market  

  PPSO presentation about engaging customers in a competitive market    

I'm a wife, mamma, photographer, and teacher with a weakness for Mexican food and ice cream.  My path into professional photography had been atypical and my experiences are as varied as they are valuable to my business!  I'm a ten year teaching veteran with a Masters in Art Education and published work in the Journal for the Ohio Association for Gifted Children.  As a photographer, I've been a featured guest on a recent CreativeLive course, been a guest blogger at Senior Style Guide, plus have photos on the cover of several local magazines and websites.  I've been photographing families, couples and dancers professionally for three years and have created a thriving business that's supporting my family.  

I'm excited to show you how I engage with my clients and create authentic relationships that extend well beyond the photo shoot.  These friendships cultivate excitement for my brand and are the driving force behind my grassroots marketing campaigns.  You're going to love hearing my social media tricks and strategies I developed while on the CreativeLive stage.  I'm ready to encourage you and enable you to develop a plan for your own business.  One that excites you.  One that inspires you.  And one that enables you to live a passionate life that you love.  


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