Podcasts for continuing education

I personally enjoy podcasts as a way to increase my knowledge in business practices and many other topics. The benefits of an audio podcast is that you are not stuck in front of your computer while you are learning. I have been able to listen to podcasts while mowing the lawn, cleaning out horse stalls, and other menial tasks.

This is a podcast that I sometimes listen to, SIX FIGURE PHOTOGRAPHY PODCAST, and I thought I would share this one. It is just over an hour long, but the owner of the photography business is interviewed about how they went from $1500 weddings to $4000 weddings in a period of about 4 years. The business continues to grow, but how did they do it. The podcast covers motivation, training, learning, workshops, business education and more.

I hope you will listen:

Consider making podcasts a part of your continuing education program as a professional photographer.

Gandee Photography Home page


Gandee Photography

How do you like to get continuing education as a professional photographer? Use the comment form below and share your favorite ways.




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