Thank you again for allowing me to speak to your PPSO group.  There were many great questions and information shared among the group.  I really appreciate your efforts in having me come down.
Also, please have the PPSO and members post on Facebook and Instagram their thoughts about the program (and tag me, Simply Color Lab, Savage Universal Corp, Triple Scoop Music, Animoto, Fundy Software and Finao) in those posts, so they can see how much your audience loved the program.  If you can drop them a personal note to let them how much you learned and how much you appreciate their support for my programs.  That lets them know their efforts in supporting photo education is worthwhile and appreciated.
Their emails are:
Simply Color Lab - Merrie Casteel -
Savage Universal - Alyssa Naddour -
Triple Scoop Music - Roy Ashen -
Animoto - Sally Sargood -
Fundy Software - Andrew Funderburg -
Finao - Harold Jankowiak -
Thanks again!
David Hakamaki, Cr. Photog.
Cutting Edge Photography
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