Date: November 13th

LOCATION: The Pisanello's Pizza in downtown Franklin, between Dayton and Cincinnati. Our event is open to all photographers and aspiring photographers in the greater Dayton and Cincinnati areas.

Meeting in upstairs on the 2nd Floor.

  • 5:00pm to 6:30pm networking, lens calibration, dinner, mentors corner
  • 6:30pm to 7:00pm business portion of meeting, announcements and introduction
  • 7:00pm to 9:00pm Kevin Hudson Presentation

COST: First time visitors and members pay $10 at the door to help with venue costs and speaker honorarium. After the first visit guests pay $20 per visit or become members of the organization.

Facebook Event:

Work hard and have fun!!!!

with Kevin Hudson, Hudson's Photography

This will be all about having fun. I wanna help you all with anything that might be giving you fits. Studio, off camera flash and ETTL, posing or whatever it may be that you need help with. I'm kind of known for my posing so we may spend a little time on a quick demo for this. I'm a stickler when it comes to believable or what I'll call comfortable or natural feeling poses. Sometimes you don't have to say anything to your subject. Let's work on that for a little bit maybe. Then we'll look at how and what I'm using for all my off camera flash stuff these days. So incredible quick and portable. It's the new star of the show, The Flashpoint Xplor 600. It's a beast!

Maybe spend a little bit of time on our senior rep program too. It's small but been very effective at getting established in smaller schools that are 20-40 miles away.

Kevin Hudson
Hudson's Photographym.photog and craftsman
Hudson's Photography

About This Month's Speaker

My father got me interested in photography very early in life.
I started out, taking photography in high school back in 1976. It was basically darkroom training and basic camera operation. I began shooting professionally with my dad back in 1986. He had just opened the business in 1983 in Bedford, IN. I sought after knowledge by attending seminars and meeting new photographers.
I also attended The Winona School of Professional Photography 3 times in my first 4 years of shooting.

I started entering prints at our PPI State Convention and the PPA’s print competition back in 1988. I received my Master’s Certificate through PPA in 4 years. I was handed my Master’s Certificate by Indiana’s own, Vangie Parker, at the National Convention in Orlando in 1992. I also just received my Craftsman degree in 2015 at Imaging in Nashville, TN.

Our studio has always been mostly been a high school senior business. But we do shoot some families and children as well.
My goal has always been to make sure that people have fun whatever the case. If it's not fun then why would they get excited and really put their heart into a shoot? So I work hard at having fun!

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