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What is a bonus event?

We try to have one bonus event each month to give members and guests a chance to hone their photography or business skills in some way. Improving your "product" (photography) or your business practices will ultimately make you a potentially more profitable photographer. This is an actual shooting opportunity sometime involving models (model releases provided for those providing images to the models) and sometime not. Read the descriptions below and pencil in these dates on your calendar.


Chuck Childers Fieldtrip  Through Jen's Lens


Relatively new to the photography business a few years ago, I wanted to find local professionals to network with. I was excited to discover PPSO! Going to a meeting where you don't know anyone can be intimidating, but I was warmly welcomed and never looked back! Great monthly speakers, special learning opportunities, print competitions, and of course friendships, have made PPSO a wonderful part of my photography career!

Susan Gertz

Owner, Dog Patch Photography

Guests are welcome

For guests, the only thing we ask is that you sign-up for our monthly letter and announcements and that you sign-in as a guest at the event. If models are involved you are expected to provide several full resolution files of your best images for each model you photograph. These are released to the models to use as they please and without copyright/watermarks in full resolution. This is how we pay our models. We hope that this will give you a opportunity to "check out PPSO" and consider joining us for the many other benefits we offer. There is an opt-in form at that bottom of this page.

Here is the calendar of Bonus Events for 2019

We will fill in the details as they become available. They will also be listed on our facebook events page and in our monthly letter. We would love you to sign-up for our list so that you are notified each month of this and other offering by PPSO.

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