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We welcome you to apply for a membership in the Professional Photographers of Southwest Ohio. If you are a photographer earning income for your work and you have taken the required steps to make your business a legal entity within the state of Ohio, apply as an Active Professional. We also welcome aspiring members who are just beginning a career in photography and who do not yet have a legal business. We have membership categories for full-time photography students and photographic suppliers as well. See the many benefits of being a PPSO member here.

Your first visit is free

We would love to have you visit a meeting and consider joining. You are welcome to join us for a free meeting. If you don't want to join, but would like to attend some meetings, you are welcome to come for $25 per visit after your initial first visit. However, the best value is to become a PPSO member, because, for members, all monthly meetings are INCLUDED in your membership.

When you decide to join, one of our board members will gladly sponsor you

The membership form asks you to have sponsor. Please attend a meeting, and one of the board members will gladly be your sponsor.

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