PPSO Service Merits Program

The Associate Fellow Degree  is a service related degree and requires the holder to accumulate 25 service merits. The service merits are earned by providing a service to the association. Some examples of positions and merits are as follows:

·         PPSO President 7 merits

·         Monthly or Bonus day speaker  2 merits

·         Webmaster   2 merits

·         Attending an Ohio convention 1 merit

Please refer to the Service Merit Form for a complete list of positions and the merits that you earn by filling these positions.

Please note: Service merits earned through the PPSO are not national PPA service merits, They are PPSO service merits and apply only to PPSO degrees. To earn National PPA service merits you must attend a PPA Approved School, A Super Monday class, or Attend the National PPA Convention.

As a member of PPSO, please fill out and submit the Service Merit Form near the end of each year.

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