New money back guarantee

Several of our members explained that when they joined, it took so much courage to come to that first meeting. Once they were here, they found that PPSO is a friendly group willing to help new businesses and photographers to grow. After just a meeting or two, they felt completely at home and never turned back. We want to encourage you to do the same.

Relatively new to the photography business a few years ago, I wanted to find local professionals to network with. I was excited to Susan Gertzdiscover PPSO! Going to a meeting where you don’t know anyone can be intimidating, but I was warmly welcomed and never looked back! Great monthly speakers, special learning opportunities, print competitions, and of course friendships, have made PPSO a wonderful part of my photography career!


Susan Gertz

Owner, Dog Patch Pet Portraits

How it works

As members of PPSO, we want to remove the friction that might make you have second thoughts about joining us. For that reason we are  (for a limited time) now offering new members a money back guarantee! After attending at least 4 meetings we are confident that you will feel that your membership fee of $85 (less for associate and student memberships) is well worth the investment because of your growth as a photographer and business.  If not, we will fully refund your membership fee no questions asked.

As a member, our monthly meetings offering excellent teachers and trainers from across the region provide tips and information that you will find invaluable. Networking with other professionals in the area creates its own opportunities. You also have access to BONUS DAY events for more hands on learning and fun and a PPA certified Photography study group is available to help you prepare to pass the Certified Photographer test or just to improve your knowledge and understanding of all aspects of photography.

Hands-on and in-person learning is so much better

There are loads of learning opportunities on the internet, but it just seems to take so much longer to learn from a distance. When you are in-person you just learn and grow so much faster. At least that is what we feel and what our members say. When learning together in a group you can ask questions, get input, share ideas, find out how others deal with this or that issue. It’s the fast track for growing as a photographer and as a business.

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